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ICBA Research Reveals Characteristics of Today’s Community Bank Customers

Oct 6, 2021
Today’s COVID-influenced environment has shifted customer tendencies and behaviors unlike anything we’ve witnessed before. The actions and activities of customers you have known have evolved, and potential new customers are now seeking different products and services than they would have just two years ago.

Reaching out to Unbanked and Underbanked Hispanic Customers

Oct 5, 2021
As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, community bankers continue to discuss new ways of reaching out to the Hispanic community in their local areas and offer tips to connect with this diverse and burgeoning community.

Encore Bank Shares Tips for Connecting with Underserved Hispanic Groups

Oct 1, 2021
As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, community bankers continue to discuss new ways of reaching out to the Hispanic community in their local areas. Miguel Lopez, senior vice president and chief community outreach officer at the Little Rock, Ark.-based Encore Bank, shares some tips to do just that.

Where Does the U.S. Stack Up in the Race for a Central Bank Digital Currency?

Oct 1, 2021
While policy and technology questions continue to be debated around the digital dollar, the vital role that community banks need to play in this next evolution of money is indisputable.

Community Bank Resources to Help Customers Bounce Back from Natural Disasters

Sep 29, 2021
As National Crisis Preparedness Month draws to a close, ICBA continues to reinforce the importance of proper preparedness to combat unforeseen natural disasters and keep local banks and communities operational.

5 Ways Community Banks Can Manage the Card Chip Shortage

Sep 17, 2021
A semiconductor chip shortage has emerged as a real challenge for banks. Industries from automobile manufacturing to consumer electronics have been reporting issues for months, and now the effects have spread to the payments industry.

ICBA campaign opposing new bank IRS reporting generates passionate consumer response

Sep 14, 2021
ICBA has for months strongly objected to a Washington proposal that would require financial institutions to report information on customer bank accounts to the IRS, which Congress could soon pass with a simple majority vote.

All Eyes on Stablecoin: Regulatory Scrutiny Intensifies

Sep 9, 2021
With the recent stablecoin surge raising risks for consumers and the financial system, regulators and Congress are increasingly concerned about the risks these digital currencies pose to consumers and the overall stability of financial markets.

Stablecoin Surge Raises Consumer, Systemic Risks

Aug 31, 2021
The Crypto Chronicles series began with a primer on stablecoins, a type of digital currency designed to maintain a relatively stable value by being backed by fiat currencies, commodities, or other assets. In the months since that article was published, stablecoins have become a hot topic due to an incredible surge in activity—and affiliated risk.

Community banks must engage customers on new IRS reporting mandates

Aug 19, 2021
If community bankers weren’t busy enough continuing their heroic economic response to the pandemic, a recent proposal to impose new IRS reporting mandates on customer bank accounts has become a major advocacy priority.