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An Economic Analysis of Credit Unions' Tax Exemption

Credit unions have fallen short in fulfilling the terms of their original mandate, which once warranted a lucrative tax subsidy.

This white paper examines the extent to which credit unions have deviated from the terms of their original mandate, the amount and distribution of their tax subsidy, and its dispersal to credit union members in the form of financial benefits.

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2020 Bank Compensation and Benefits Survey

The 2020 Crowe Financial Institutions Compensation and Benefits Survey is closed to new submissions. Crowe is expected to release the state and national reports in the fall. The report provides key information on salary and benefit trends, turnover, and director compensation. This year's report also includes information on the COVID-19 pandemic and remote working.

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ILC Report Cover

Industrial Loan Companies: Closing the Loophole to Avert Consumer and Systemic Harm
March 2019

BCFP Consumer Protection Report

Community Bank Perspective on the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection
August 2018

BSA Whitepaper cover

Modernizing Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing Laws & Regulations
July 2018

Farm Bill for Community Banks

Focus on Farm Policy
March 2018

Fintech Strategy Roadmap

Fintech Strategy Roadmap
March 2018

Tax Reform Whitepaper Cover Image

ICBA Principles for Tax Reform
August 2017

GSE Reform Cover

ICBA Principles for GSE Reform and a Way Forward
April 2017

Community Bank Regulatory Relief: A Roadmap to Economic Growth & Prosperity

Community Bank Regulatory Relief: A Roadmap to Economic Growth & Prosperity
January 2017

Bank Compensation Report

2019 Survey Highlights

See high-level charts and data on recruiting a new generation of bankers, closing the gender pay gap, compensation structures, and more.

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Core Processor Resource Guide

This resource guide, combined with the core processor best practices, are designed to help community banks understand important aspects of managing the core processor relationship to maximize the return on their technology investments.

The guide includes recommended steps that community banks should take to manage their core processor:

  • assessing their business needs and utilization of current systems,
  • gauging satisfaction with the current core processor relationship,
  • determining whether to change core processors or stay with the current processor,
  • conducting due diligence, and
  • evaluating core processor alternatives (including innovation, compliance, and legacy vs. next-generation providers).

The guide also offers community bankers insights into negotiating contracts as well as information about core conversion project management for those that decide to switch systems.

This resource is free to ICBA community bank members. You will be prompted to login to access these resources.

Core Processor Cover
ICBA Core Processor Resource Guide

January 2018
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Best Practices
ICBA Community Bank Best Practices for Managing Core Processor Relationships

January 2018
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Best Practices
ICBA Best Practices for Community Bank Core Processors

January 2018
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