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How and Why We’re Updating Our Twitter Strategy to Better Serve Members

Nov 24, 2021
For more than 90 years, ICBA has provided value to our membership in a wide variety of ways and places. Today, we are refocusing efforts to better serve our members on Twitter.

Seven Myths About Central Bank Digital Currencies

Nov 19, 2021
Separating fact from fiction on central bank digital currencies and a possible U.S. digital dollar can be challenging. In the latest edition of our Digital Dollar Digest series, ICBA is here to help dispel any misconceptions and debunk the most common myths.

4 Ways Community Banks Can Attract Gen Z Customers

Nov 16, 2021
With the eldest members of Gen Z clocking in at age 24, they represent a market ripe for targeting with banking services. But what they are looking for differs from what Millennials and Gen X required of community banks at the same age.

The Challenges and Risks of Smart Contracts

Nov 12, 2021
Smart contracts — blockchain-based programs that operate when predetermined conditions are met — offer potential use cases as well as risks for community banks evaluating their payments processing capabilities

Paycheck Protection Program Data Show Community Banks Served Those Most in Need

Nov 10, 2021
Paycheck Protection Program lending data continue to demonstrate that community banks are justifiably recognized as leaders of the financial response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reconciliation Update: IRS Reporting, Tax Hikes, and Needed Grassroots

Nov 9, 2021
Community bankers are witnessing the fruits of their labor in ICBA’s months-long campaign opposing the onerous IRS bank reporting proposal. However, the grassroots push must continue.

Three Principles to Drive Community Bank Innovation

Nov 9, 2021
For $200 million-asset First Community Bank and Trust in Beecher, Ill., having an innovation mindset means being open to explore new ways to solve for business challenges and opportunities.

Paycheck Protection Program Data Show Community Bank Pandemic Response Outperformed Larger Lenders

Nov 5, 2021
The Paycheck Protection Program offered millions of small businesses a critical financial lifeline to weather an extraordinary economic downturn engendered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Trust in Code? Smart Contracts, DeFi, and Use Cases for Community Banking

Nov 4, 2021
Smart contracts — computer programs that automatically execute specific actions — are becoming increasingly relevant to community banks. Here’s a breakdown of smart contracts and how they could ultimately serve community banks.

Paycheck Protection Program Data Show Community Banks Acted Expeditiously to Save Small Businesses

Nov 2, 2021
The Paycheck Protection Program originated its final loans nearly three months ago. Over the preceding year, this Marshall Plan for small businesses provided critical financial assistance to nearly 5 million individual borrowers.