Supported by thousands of community bankers, the Independent Community Bankers Political Action Committee is a vital part of community banking advocacy.

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The nation's voice for
community banks

Powered by the support of thousands of community bankers, ICBA PAC is a vital tool that enhances ICBA’s Be Heard advocacy campaign and our industry’s voice in Washington.

As the only federal PAC dedicated exclusively to representing community banks, ICBA PAC educates and supports candidates on both sides of the aisle who are committed to generating a successful economic and regulatory environment for community banks and the communities they proudly serve.

ICBA PAC by the numbers 2023-2024

2,338 community bankers made contributions

$150 average contribution

$771,500 raised year to date

$578,000 disbursed

195 candidates and committees supported

96% supported candidates succeeded last cycle

Sharing our story with key allies in Congress strengthens our mission to navigate future challenges and ICBA PAC plays a vital role in this advocacy effort.

1615 L Street, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036
[email protected]
P: 800-422-8439

Our Position

  • ICBA PAC supports candidates for federal office without regard to party affiliation. ICBA is neither Republican nor Democratic. We are focused on the politics of community banking.
  • ICBA urges CEOs of all member banks, corporate associate members, and state and regional partners to sign an ICBA PAC’s Prior Authorization form and make an individual contribution to ICBA PAC.
  • ICBA encourages all leadership bankers and Federal Delegate Board members to contribute to ICBA PAC.
  • CEOs should encourage their eligible officers and employees to contribute to ICBA PAC individually or by adopting payroll deduction as a contribution method.
  • CEOs should encourage their directors to contribute to ICBA PAC. All banks that achieve 100 percent PAC participation from their board of directors are eligible for membership in ICBA PAC’s Directors Club.


ICBA PAC is the only federal political action committee dedicated exclusively to supporting community banks in Washington. ICBA PAC plays an integral role in supporting ICBA’s overall advocacy efforts by building relationships with Members of Congress serving in House and Senate Leadership, on key committees of jurisdiction, and policymakers with a proven record of supporting community banks top legislative priorities.

ICBA PAC operates in a bipartisan manner to educate and support the campaigns of pro community banking candidates and elected officials that work to generate legislative wins for ICBA’s membership and the communities ICBA banks proudly serve.

ICBA PAC has a history of raising over $1.85 million from over 2,500 ICBA leadership bankers, bank employees, and ICBA staff each election cycle. Contributions from ICBA membership allow ICBA PAC to strategically identify opportunities to enhance ICBA’s visibility in Washington and build community bank champions in Congress through coordination with the ICBA Congressional Relations team, leadership bankers, and state association leaders.

ICBA PAC disbursed nearly $750,000 to over 300 federal candidates and committees during 2022 and will continue supporting industry advocates as the 2024 election approaches. ICBA PAC is among the top federal PACs nationwide and is essential to ensuring that the voices of community bankers are heard on

Capitol Hill. Broad support of ICBA PAC through contributions by member bank CEOs, employees, and directors is vital for the success of ICBA’s advocacy activities.

Staff Contact

Mary Randolph Gannon

VP, Political Operations



Malissa Zimmerman

Manager, Political Programs



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ICBA PAC Donor List

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As dictated by Federal Election Law, in order to solicit the eligible employees (executive or administrative personnel, directors or shareholders) of an ICBA Member Bank, ICBA PAC must seek and obtain prior written authorization of the member bank. Any bank representative with whom ICBA regularly conducts business can provide their signature on a Solicitation Authorization Form. Once ICBA PAC has received a signed Solicitation Authorization Form, ICBA PAC or the bank may conduct the solicitation. A bank may provide solicitation authorization to only one federal PAC per year. Authorization may be provided for up to five years at a time. 

Yes. A bank may provide solicitation authorization to only one federal PAC per year, but this authorization in no way prevents you from participating in your state PAC. 

Yes. Supporting ICBA PAC does NOT preclude you from contributing to any other PACs or candidates on the state or federal levels. 

No. ICBA PAC contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.  

No. Federal Election Law prohibits individuals from being reimbursed or advanced financially by their bank, the ICBA, any entity or individual for the purpose of making a contribution to the PAC. 

No. ICBA PAC itself cannot accept corporate contributions; however, the PAC has a separate account, the ICBA PAC Corporate Sponsorship Account, which can accept corporate sponsorship funds from ICBA members and current dues-paying associate members which is used to defray fundraising expenses. Corporate sponsorships are available for most ICBA PAC events (i.e. auction and golf tournaments).

Your ICBA PAC annual contribution total, calculated on a calendar year basis (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31), includes all contributions made by you personally in that calendar year including individual cash, credit card or check contributions, ticket purchases made in conjunction with the ICBA PAC Annual Auction, purchases made the night of the Auction and registration fees for various ICBA PAC Golf Tournaments. Corporate Sponsorships, contributions raised from your directors/employees as well as gifts donated to the Auction CANNOT be counted toward your total.  

$5,000 per calendar year to each unaffiliated federal Political Action Committee, like ICBA PAC.  $3,300 per election to each candidate for federal office – primary, runoff and general elections are each considered separate elections.

Once a Solicitation Authorization Form has been signed, eligible (non-hourly) employees (executive personnel, administrative personnel, directors and shareholders) of ICBA Member Banks and current dues-paying Associate Members and their immediate family in the same household may be solicited for ICBA PAC contributions. Non-ICBA Members may not be solicited.

Yes. There are several legal disclaimer requirements with regard to PAC solicitations. Please contact ICBA PAC Staff for assistance.  

ICBA PAC funding decisions are made using a collaborative process including input from ICBA PAC staff, the ICBA Government Affairs Team, ICBA members and State and Regional Partners. We welcome your input. Please don’t hesitate to contact ICBA PAC staff with any information, recommendations or requests.