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Navigate today's highly regulated, ever changing community banking industry.

Bank Director Program Logo

Navigate today's highly regulated, ever changing community banking industry.

A Bank Director Program Made for Community Banks

The Bank Director Program provides your community bank directors with the expert guidance and tools they need to chart the waters, steer clear of trouble, and set a true course.

See why nearly 7,500 community bank directors rely on the Community Banker University® Bank Director Program as their trusted resource for bank director information and education.

The new year — and the new decade — offers an excellent opportunity to examine how you can best create a forward-focused culture that embraces learning and change.

Lindsay LaNore

Group Executive Vice President
Community Banker University

Bank Director Program Benefits


Online Training

Bank Director Online Training offers 20 courses designed specifically to enhance your understanding of core bank director responsibilities and equip you with the knowledge and tools to maximize your contribution to your bank.

Learn at your own pace from the convenience of your home or office. Access all 20 courses, 24/7 from on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

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Governance Helpline

The Bank Director Governance Helpline provides community bank directors with direct access to knowledgeable community bank attorneys and consultants from Gerrish Smith Tuck who have the expertise to quickly and accurately address complex questions and legal concerns.

Get third party insights on complex questions and legal concerns when you need it and without costly attorney’s fees!


News & Blogs 


Delivered bi-monthly, Bank Director News provides timely articles on industry developments, trends, and practical advice for community bank directors. 

Featuring insights from industry experts, and highlighting the best upcoming Community Banker University events, Bank Director News is an essential resource for today’s community bank director.

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Events and Webinars

Strengthen your corporate governance, broaden your knowledge, and widen your professional network at community bank director-focused educational events.

These must attend events bring together industry specialists to give you the latest guidance on director responsibilities, industry expectations and regulatory changes.

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Bank Director Newsletter

Does Your Bank Have a Dream Team?

Many bank boards of directors and CEOs are proud of their bank’s executive team. And rightly so!

Yet frequently those feelings of pride dissolve into uncertainty when the bank is faced with the decision to promote a banker into a top executive position or even the CEO role. How does this happen?

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