ICBA Community Bank Advocacy

Community banks are critical to the prosperity of Main Street America. Let Congress and the regulatory agencies know the importance of community banks and the issues that affect our industry.

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Regulatory and Legislative Advocacy

ICBA engages members of Congress and federal regulators to help them understand our industry and concerns through our Community Focus 2020 plan and continuous push for pro-community bank policies. 

Policy resolutions are approved by the ICBA Policy Development Committee and the Board of Directors to broadly describe the association’s major policy objectives for the year.

The resolutions are designed to provide policy guidance for ICBA officers and staff and general policy direction for ICBA standing committees, the Federal Delegate Board, councils, and task forces.

Policy Resolution Priorities

Answers to Your Questions

Why we fight for community banks.

Locally owned community banks have a direct and vital stake in their communities. Their business model is founded on personal relationships and direct knowledge of the business owners, families, and individuals that make up their communities.

How ICBA promotes advocacy.

ICBA is the only national trade association dedicated exclusively to representing community banks. Through its public communications, ICBA tells the community banking story, promotes our principles, and positions ICBA as the leading source of information on the industry.

How you can help.

Nobody knows your customers and business better than you. Making regular contact with your lawmakers and staff will ensure that you become a trusted resource on issues related to community banking.

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Supported by thousands of community bankers, the Independent Community Bankers Political Action Committee (ICBPAC) is a vital part of Be Heard. ICBPAC contributed nearly $1.8 million to over 300 federal candidates and committees during the 2018 election cycle to strengthen the community banking industry's reputation in Washington.

Already, for the 2020 election cycle, ICBPAC has directed over $1.3 million to nearly 300 policymakers eager to learn more about our industry’s key priorities. Community banks have risen to the call during this unprecedented time by supporting communities and small businesses when they’ve needed it most. Sharing our story with key allies in Congress strengthens our mission to navigate future challenges and ICBPAC plays a vital role in this advocacy effort.