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Using Your Web Address to Fight Phishing and Cyberattacks

Oct 18, 2019
In honor of National Cybersecurity Month, ICBA's Jeremy Dalpiaz extols the benefits of using a .BANK domain as an additional safety precaution to protect customers from phishing and cyberattacks.

What's Next for Cannabis Banking

Oct 16, 2019
Following a successful grassroots advocacy campaign, the House of Representatives recently passed ICBA-supported legislation to create a cannabis banking safe harbor, though questions remain about the bipartisan bill's outlook.

Digital Payments Strategy: A Necessity for Your Community Bank

Oct 8, 2019
Digital payments continue to grow in popularity as an easy-to-use way for both businesses and consumers to make payments. Not only does volume and usage continue to grow, but so too do the products and platforms through which businesses and consumers make their digital payments.

The Venture Center and ICBA: Strategically Aligned to Fuel Innovation ​

Oct 3, 2019
ICBA's Kevin Tweddle discusses ICBA's strategic alliance with The Venture Center to help fuel community bank innovation.

Supporting Financial Choice for Service Members

Oct 1, 2019
As the House and Senate are busy negotiating final language for defense spending legislation, community banks are working to provide military service men and women access to competitive banking services.

ThinkTECH Accelerator: Through the Lens of a Mentor

Sep 26, 2019
ICBA Bancard President and CEO Tina Giorgio reflects on her experiences as a mentor in the ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator program.

Digital Payments: Defining Opportunities for Community Banks

Sep 24, 2019
The payments landscape continues to evolve. Whereas checks and cash were the dominant payments instruments 40 years ago, today digital payments are becoming an increasingly popular way to pay, and a driving force in the evolution of the relationship between customers and their banks.

Seven Questions to Ponder for Successful Fintech Partnerships

Sep 12, 2019
ICBA's Kevin Tweddle offers questions to ponder before entering into a fintech partnership.

Value of the FedNow Service for Community Banks

Sep 9, 2019
The Federal Reserve’s development of the FedNow Service provides the opportunity for all banks—both large and small—to capitalize on the value of faster payments and brings significant benefit to community banks and the businesses and consumers they serve.

In it for the Long Haul

Sep 9, 2019
With Labor Day behind us and summer coming to its unofficial end, now is a good time to reflect on what the community banking industry has achieved so far this year in the advocacy arena—and what remains to be done this fall. Fortunately for the local communities we serve, community banks have followed the historic successes of 2018 with many notable policy victories.