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Digital Dollar Digest: Catalysts for Exploring a Central Bank Digital Currency

Jun 3, 2021
What is galvanizing the world market to pursue central bank digital currencies? The factors are varied. In this edition of ICBA’s Digital Dollar Digest series, we explore the catalysts for global interest in central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Why we need Black-owned banks

Jun 1, 2021
Black-owned community banks have a long history of serving Americans historically left out of the mainstream banking system. Many well-established community banks continue this legacy today, but one troubling trend has emerged in the past two decades.

Crypto Chronicles: Bitcoin 101 for Community Bankers

May 19, 2021
The payments industry is abuzz with excitement as one topic continues capturing headlines, with profound implications for community banks: Bitcoin. With digital currencies reshaping the U.S. payments system that community banks and their customers depend on, what exactly is Bitcoin and where did it come from?

The Problem with Public Banking

May 13, 2021
While community banks have again proven their importance to local communities as Paycheck Protection Program leaders, public banking proponents in some states and municipalities threaten to undermine this system and its benefits to consumers.

Enhancements Community Banks Can Make To Improve Email Deliverability and Defend Against Phishing

May 13, 2021
To better protect their institutions and customers from email scams, community banks can make incremental technological changes. The following enhancements to email settings will increase email deliverability and improve security against phishing scams.

Community Bank Guide to Managing Core Processor Relationships

May 10, 2021
For community banks looking to strike a balance between high-touch services and high-tech capabilities, selecting the right technology partner is more critical than ever. This decision is amplified when it comes to selecting a core processor.

How Community Banks Can Help Customers Evaluate Buy Now, Pay Later Offerings

May 6, 2021
Buy now, pay later or BNPL, is the latest cautionary payments tale for community banks. Much like digital wallets, its appeal—with instant gratification and integrated payment at checkout—has taken hold with Gen Z and millennials.

Regulators Discuss the Future of Community Bank Innovation at Fintech Symposium

Apr 30, 2021
Community banks’ focus on next-generation digital solutions was on full display during a recent symposium hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors.

Employing Financial Literacy as a Tool to Attract Gen Z Bank Customers

Apr 29, 2021
Generation Z already outnumbers millennials and baby boomers and in a matter of years they’ll become the most financially powerful generation in our lifetimes. This generation represents a huge opportunity for community banks

Community Banker Perspective: The Importance of Financial Literacy for Teens

Apr 27, 2021
April may be Financial Literacy Month, but at Community Spirit Bank our focus on providing young people with a strong foundational knowledge of money management concepts and skills remains a priority throughout the year.