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Empowering Banks for the Future with Accelerator Finalist Agora

Mar 16, 2019
ICBA's Kevin Tweddle talks ramping up digital services with ThinkTECH Accelerator finalist Agora.

Integrating Systems for Efficiency with Accelerator Finalist Teslar

Mar 14, 2019
ICBA's Kevin Tweddle talks maneuvering complicated processes across multiple systems and platforms with ThinkTECH Accelerator finalist Teslar. Brad Bolton of Community Spirit Bank in Red Bay, Ala., offers perspective on integrating systems for efficiency.

Square Peg, Round Loophole

Mar 12, 2019
ICBA’s new white paper on industrial loan companies takes a deep dive into the long history of this obscure charter type and its transformation of recent years.

ThinkTECH Accelerator Finalists Gear Up for Showcase

Mar 11, 2019
With the bootcamp experience coming to a close, here's a sneak peek into what community bankers can expect during the ThinkTECH Showcase at ICBA LIVE® next week.

Wall Street Spins Another Tall Tale

Mar 4, 2019
The megabanks are at it again.

Focusing on Economic Opportunity

Mar 4, 2019
Community banks' dedication to bipartisan economic principles that expand access to financial services shines through in ICBA’s new policy platform: “Community Focus 2020: The Community Bank Agenda for Expanding Economic Opportunity.”

Expediting Commercial Loan Applications with Accelerator Finalist CRiskCo ​

Feb 28, 2019
ICBA's Kevin Tweddle talks expedited underwriting for commercial loans with ThinkTECH Accelerator finalist CRiskCo. Marty Sellars of FNBC Bank in Ash Flat, Ark., provides perspective on the need to create seamless customer experiences.

Introducing Secure Digital Transport with Accelerator Finalist Botdoc

Feb 20, 2019
ICBA's Kevin Tweddle talks remote document collection with ThinkTECH Accelerator finalist Botdoc. Marty Sellars of FNBC Bank and Stephen Wooters with Fairfield County Bank discuss the importance of keeping customer information secure.

Streamlining Digital Lending with Accelerator Finalist MK Decision

Feb 13, 2019
ICBA Bancard's Tina Giorgio profiles ThinkTECH Accelerator finalist MK Decision and its online loan origination system, creating a more seamless user experience. Community banker Stephen Wooters of Fairfield County Bank also lends his perspective.

​Making Banking a Social Endeavor with Accelerator Finalist Invest Sou Sou

Feb 8, 2019
ICBA Bancard's Tina Giorgio profiles ThinkTECH Accelerator finalist Invest Sou Sou and its social banking account offering to help address the nation's savings gap. Community bankers Stephen Wooters and Brian Otteman also lend their perspectives.