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Does Your Bank Have a Learning Culture?

Sep 4, 2018
The community banking industry is accustomed to required annual training mandates but the recent evolution in employment benefits makes learning a compelling non-salary reward. There is no one-size-fits-all program for community banks, so your bank has the creative flexibility to enhance and enrich its own training program in countless ways.

Let’s End Disparate-Impact Disparities

Aug 16, 2018
HUD should amend its fair lending disparate-impact rule to meet the limitations imposed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

An Optimistic Future

Aug 15, 2018
As a well-known speaker and educator in the community banking industry, Barret Graduate School of Banking President and Director Chris Kelley knows all too well the importance of continuous learning. As we prepare for an energetic LEAD FWD Summit, filled with education and workshops that will challenge our industry’s next generation of leaders, I talked with Chris about the necessity of growing and thinking outside of the traditional boundaries of community banking.

We’re Not Done Yet

Aug 6, 2018
The push for regulatory relief continues. We have a host of issues ahead of us, and community banker participation is essential in bringing them to the forefront of Congress members’ and regulators’ attention.

Relevant. Innovative. Motivating.

Jul 25, 2018
Investing in education and leadership training is vital to preparing the next generation of community bankers and key to any community bank’s succession planning strategy. I recently spoke with Bank of Missouri Community Bank President Aaron M. Panton to find out why he thinks ICBA’s LEAD FWD Summit is a must-attend annual event.

Streamlining the Bank Secrecy Act

Jul 18, 2018
ICBA recently advanced the debate on modernizing the Bank Secrecy Act in a new white paper.

Open Your Eyes

Jul 11, 2018
The nation’s tax-exempt credit unions have big plans for their multi-billion-dollar tax subsidy—a nationwide marketing campaign funded by the rest of us.

Lead With Vision

Jul 11, 2018
Reimagining traditional leadership concepts and pushing the community banking industry forward is imperative to carrying on the incredible legacy of the community banking industry.

A Union for the Ages

Jul 3, 2018
We are in an era of innovative collaborations—where the marriage between technology and service holds the promise of helping community banks deliver more personalized customer experiences faster than ever before.

Clearing the Air Over Cannabis Banking Legislation

Jun 25, 2018
Aaron Stetter: ICBA recently supported legislation that would protect the traditional banking system when banking cannabis-related businesses in states where cannabis is legal for medical or recreational use.