Main Street Matters ICBA Blog

  • Community Bank Leadership Lessons

    Oct 05, 2017
    A community bank’s success relies on steady, solid leadership forged from a shared vision and a goal to exceed customers’ expectations. That’s at least the way Brad Bolton, president and CEO of Community Spirit Bank in Red Bay, Ala., sees it.
  • Banding Together in a Time of Need

    Aug 31, 2017
    When torrential floodwaters descended upon our Texas neighbors recently, individuals and communities united to provide comfort and support during a time of great need. That outreach continues today, fortified by the resiliency of the nation’s community banks as policymakers offer resources to help affected citizens with recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey and impending Hurricane Irma.
  • Enacting Change for the Greater Good

    Aug 24, 2017
    ICBA recently announced its 2017 National Community Bank Service Award recipients, our annual recognition celebrating the outstanding and innovative volunteer efforts of the nation’s community banks. These efforts span a variety of categories: from fraud prevention for senior citizens to disaster relief to economic empowerment for underserved groups.
  • Achieving the Dream of Homeownership

    Jun 12, 2017
    In his June 1 presidential proclamation, President Trump reflected on the important role homeownership plays in building household wealth, stabilizing neighborhoods, and fortifying the nation’s economic health.
  • Giving Praise Where It’s Due

    May 25, 2017
    Volunteering and community service are the hallmark of every community bank. Along with providing superior customer service, common-sense business practices, and local lending expertise, community bankers work hand-in-hand with consumers, small-business owners and local nonprofits to make their communities better places to live and work.
  • Community Bank Differentiators: Sharing Without Showing Off

    Apr 25, 2017
    Community banking might be about business first and foremost, but it’s the opportunity to make a difference that attracts and retains the industry’s best and brightest. The question becomes: How can community banks tell their story in a way that authentically sets them apart?
  • Skate to Where the Puck is Going

    Apr 21, 2017
    As we move into the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, and I move into a series of discussions on U.S. faster payments efforts, I am reminded of a quote from the great one, Wayne Gretzky. His now-famous quote has been used over and over—“Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” When I think about faster payments, that couldn’t be more true.
  • The Community Bank Difference

    Apr 16, 2017
    Community banks lend, invest and donate locally. It’s a philosophy that guides their interactions with their customers and allows them to look beyond the balance sheet to how each loan benefits their entire community. It’s the community bank difference.
  • High-Tech + High-Touch: The Perfect Pairing

    Apr 07, 2017
    Strong customer relationships are the cornerstone of community banking, but utilizing high-tech interactions is becoming an increasingly important way to foster more powerful relationships and remain competitive.
  • Community Banks Make Communities Better

    Mar 31, 2017
    Small business creation is about as American as apple pie and is essential to our nation’s economy. More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and small businesses create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.
  • 4 Reasons Why Loving Your Community Will Help Grow Your Career

    Feb 02, 2017
    Millennials are starting more companies, managing bigger staffs, and targeting higher profits than their baby boom predecessors. But if you’re among the millennial set you could be overlooking one of the most rewarding ways to catapult your professional development: community involvement.
  • Making Sense of Views on Money

    Dec 20, 2016
    Where do our ideas about money come from, and how do they drive our financial decisions? According to the Psychology of Money feature in the latest Independent Banker magazine, these ideas are shaped during childhood and can impact our relationship with money throughout adulthood.
  • The Top 4 Characteristics that Make Millennials Excellent Entrepreneurs

    Nov 10, 2016
    Although Millennials are sometimes plagued by negative professional traits and stereotypes, there are specific characteristics of young professionals that make them great candidates for small business ownership.