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  • Streamlining Digital Lending with Accelerator Finalist MK Decision

    Feb 13, 2019
    ICBA Bancard's Tina Giorgio profiles ThinkTECH Accelerator finalist MK Decision and its online loan origination system, creating a more seamless user experience. Community banker Stephen Wooters of Fairfield County Bank also lends his perspective.
  • ​Making Banking a Social Endeavor with Accelerator Finalist Invest Sou Sou

    Feb 08, 2019
    ICBA Bancard's Tina Giorgio profiles ThinkTECH Accelerator finalist Invest Sou Sou and its social banking account offering to help address the nation's savings gap. Community bankers Stephen Wooters and Brian Otteman also lend their perspectives.
  • ​Exploring Cyber Solutions with Accelerator Finalist Adlumin

    Jan 31, 2019
    ICBA's Kevin Tweddle talks cyber solutions with ThinkTECH Accelerator finalist Adlumin. Brian Otteman of High Plains Bank in Flager, Colo., offers observations on fintech finalists' efforts to create right-sized solutions for community bankers.
  • ICBA Launches Partnership with the Congressional Management Foundation

    Jan 30, 2019
    ICBA is proud to announce a new partnership with the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that has been building relationships and improving how Congress functions since 1977.
  • Accelerating Time-to-Market with the Venture Center Bootcamp

    Jan 24, 2019
    Meeting The Venture Center team and our 10 finalists inspired me, and I am confident that all community bankers stand to benefit from this ICBA investment in the future. It’s a real gamechanger for our industry.
  • 10 Tips to Expo Like A Pro

    Jan 22, 2019
    When searching for new vendors or even managing your existing vendor relationships, nothing in the digital realm can quite compare to the personal connections that are forged at trade shows and exhibitor halls via tried and true, face-to-face interaction. ICBA Chief Operating Officer Kevin Tweddle shares some of the tips and tricks he's learned over his 30+ year career to ensure that when you visit your next trade show that you "expo like a pro".
  • Holding CECL Accountable

    Jan 22, 2019
    While ICBA continues working to minimize the negative impact of CECL on community banks, we have been instrumental in making significant progress since FASB began proposing an expected-loss impairment model in the wake of the financial crisis.
  • Community Bankers to Influence ThinkTECH Accelerator Solutions

    Jan 17, 2019
    The ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator bootcamp has begun! Things are moving quickly, and we’re hard at work helping our 10 finalists develop their products and pitches so they’ll be ready to unveil solutions before the nation’s largest gathering of community bankers at ICBA LIVE® in Nashville on March 18.
  • Emergency Credit Union Merger Just Another Power Grab

    Jan 11, 2019
    The only thing “emergency” about the Pentagon Federal Credit Union merger with Progressive Credit Union is the giant alarm it should set off about the latest credit union power grab.
  • It's Bootcamp Time at The Venture Center

    Jan 08, 2019
    Kevin Tweddle: For community bankers, innovation is no longer a buzzword—it’s a state of mind.
  • A New Farm Bill Has Landed

    Dec 20, 2018
    The adoption of the ICBA-backed legislation is quite remarkable given that community bankers and the agricultural community have been told for most of this year that the most likely outcome would be a one-year extension, thus pushing the legislation’s enactment into the next Congress. Passing a new farm bill is good for American agriculture and for community bankers’ ability to provide credit to support their local economies. Here are a few reasons why.
  • Assessment Credits Bring a Happy New Year

    Dec 18, 2018
    With the holidays almost here, community banks recently received some good news that has been years in the making. The FDIC announced that the Deposit Insurance Fund reserve ratio has surpassed 1.35 percent, triggering approximately $750 million in assessment credits for community banks with assets under $10 billion.
  • Agencies Improving Appraisal Regs

    Dec 13, 2018
    The federal banking agencies recently responded to industry requests with a proposed rule to increase the threshold where bankers could use a property evaluation in lieu of a full appraisal—completed by a licensed or certified appraiser—for mortgage loans they retain in portfolio. The agencies are proposing to increase this threshold from $250,000 to $400,000.
  • Shared Values Bring Shared Success

    Dec 10, 2018
    Community bankers, you outdid yourselves in 2018. As we near the end of this significant year in community banking, it is worth taking a moment to look back and reflect on what we’ve achieved together.
  • Career Development: A Priority for Today’s Modern Workforce

    Dec 06, 2018
    Employees expect transparency and want to know their employers’ plans for growth and how they fit in. One way to address this shift in corporate ethos is to make sure that professional development is a part of your community bank’s compensation package.
  • ICBA 2018 Election Analysis

    Nov 07, 2018
    Voters delivered narrow control of the House to Democrats, sharpening oversight of the Trump administration and bringing a raft of new policy initiatives. In a special post-election analysis, ICBA examines key results and what the divided Congress will mean for community banks and the 116th Congress.
  • Investing in the Future of Community Banking

    Nov 02, 2018
    ICBA this week kicked off the next chapter in our journey to create and promote an environment where community banks flourish with the launch of the ICBA ThinkTech Accelerator.
  • Subchapter S Sit-down

    Nov 01, 2018
    ICBA has been working with policymakers to ensure the new Subchapter S tax deduction is workable for community banks. Main Street Matters sat down with ICBA’s Alan Keller, first vice president of legislative policy, and Steve Keen, vice president of congressional relations, to check in on the issue.
  • Do Not be Spooked by Cyber Threats

    Oct 31, 2018
    Today’s cybercrime is masked in various forms and unassuming emails as criminals look to best the system for financial gain.ICBA is doing its part to help community banks address this growing threat—arming our members with information, resources and partnerships to safeguard their institutions and their customers.