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Community Banker University offers a variety of online training options with courses that build knowledge and a strong foundation within key areas of the banking industry and professional development.

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Online Training

Online Training Newsletter

February 2020 - Online Training Newsletter

Feb 26, 2020
You already know that your online training subscription allows you to assign, track, and manage your employees’ federally-mandated training, but did you know that you can also use this platform to create greater job satisfaction, reduce employee turnover, and nurture talent in your bank?

January 2020 - Online Training Newsletter

Jan 30, 2020
In the wake of #MeToo, a growing number of U.S. states are enacting their own harassment and discrimination prevention laws. California and New York are notable examples; both states have implemented reforms requiring mandatory employee and supervisor training with specific content and/or timing requirements.

December 2019 - Online Training Newsletter

Dec 17, 2019
Happy Holidays from Community Banker University! It’s the end of the year when many employees are feverishly trying to complete their required annual training (and their administrators and supervisors are hounding them to do so!) In this month’s newsletter, we would like to offer a few reminders and helpful hints to help you efficiently finish out the calendar year and lay the groundwork for the year ahead.


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