Online Course Newsletter – May 2024

May 28, 2024


In the April edition of the Online Course Newsletter, we mentioned, in the Did You Know section, that a report is available to see how many attempts learners took to pass a course.

Recognizing this can be overwhelming if you have many employees with multiple attempts, we have written easy-to-follow instructions on how to use Excel formulas to narrow down the spreadsheet and find specific information.

The instructions can be found in the Administrators Guide on pages 30-34. If you have questions regarding this report or the instructions provided, please reach out to Lori Braegelmann ([email protected] or 320-352-7830).

What’s New

On May 14, the two Regulation CC: Funds Availability Act courses (In-Depth and Overview) were updated with notes regarding the threshold changes that are effective July 1, 2025. The course contains both the current amounts and the future dated amounts.

On May 31, the following new courses will be launched:

  • Small Business Lending Rule (1071) – Applicability

  • Small Business Lending Rule (1071) – Data Points

  • Small Business Lending Rule (1071) – Firewall Requirements

  • Small Business Lending Rule (1071) – In Depth

  • Small Business Lending Rule (1071) – Overview

For course descriptions, learning objectives, and course outlines, see the Detailed Course Catalog.

In addition to the new Small Business Lending courses, the following existing courses were updated to include information on the new 1071 rules:

  • Compliance Issues for Commercial Lenders

  • Introduction to Lending Compliance

  • Regulation B: Equal Credit Opportunity Act – Overview

What’s Coming

The Community Reinvestment Act courses have been written and are in the developer’s hands to create in the Learning Management System. These courses should be ready to launch near the end of June. The following course titles will be available:

  • Community Reinvestment Act: Overview

  • Community Reinvestment Act: Small Banks

  • Community Reinvestment Act: Intermediate Banks

  • Community Reinvestment Act: Large Banks

  • Community Reinvestment Act: Ratings

The existing course “Regulation BB: Community Reinvestment Act” will remain in the course catalog for bankers to continue to learn the current rules, until the new rules go in effect January 1, 2026.

Did You Know?

Did you know that sometimes you need to clear your cache on your internet browser to get certain updates? This is especially true for LMS Administrators when trying to run the “Activity Report for Courses (excluding BDOT)”. Sometime when choosing this report option, the next screen is completely blank, or your screen may only be showing this:

LMS Screenshot May 28

but it should be showing this plus an entire list of the courses available in the catalog. Or sometimes you will click on Generate Report, and it just spins and spins. The solution is to Logoff the Learning Management System, clear your internet browser cache, and try again. Clearing your cache should resolve the issue. If, after clearing your cache, you are still unable to generate the report, please contact Lori Braegelmann ([email protected] or 320-352-7380).