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February 2022 - Online Training Newsletter

Feb 15, 2022
Fair Lending has always been a hot button during regulatory examinations. But with the change in administration, the CFPB has made it quite clear that fair lending will be at the forefront for the enforcement of consumer protection laws. Because of this, fair lending training is a must for the majority of bank staff.

January 2022 - Online Training Newsletter

Jan 27, 2022
Our Online training catalog continues to expand as we break down those long and tough regulatory compliance courses into bite-sized sections. This month we tackled the Flood Disaster Protection Act and added four new courses that detail specific parts of the law.

December 2021 - Online Training Newsletter

Dec 20, 2021
It's the end of another calendar year! For many community banks, that means it's also the end of another training year. Here are a few helpful tips to close out your year-end training records.
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