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Community Banker University offers a variety of online training options with courses that build knowledge and a strong foundation within key areas of the banking industry and professional development.

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Online Training Newsletter

August 2020 - Online Training Newsletter

Aug 28, 2020
Community Banker University is proud to partner with subject matter experts on topics that go beyond the scope of banking fundamentals. On Aug. 18, we launched new courses that focus on topical concerns of the day.

July 2020 - Online Training Newsletter

Jul 24, 2020
Even with business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place, some banks have recently been forced to implement policies and procedures that they were not prepared for.

June 2020 - Online Training Newsletter

Jun 29, 2020
Community Banker University® has noted an uptick in the number of bankers completing online training. Unfortunately, we have also seen a few instances where bankers are completing courses, but the system is not marking them as closed.


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