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Community Banker University offers a variety of online training options with courses that build knowledge and a strong foundation within key areas of the banking industry and professional development.

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Online Training Newsletter

Online Training Newsletter – January 2023

Jan 30, 2023
Remember, your board of directors need annual training on the same regulations that all bank employees must receive training on, including Fair Lending. How do you train your directors each year?

Online Training Newsletter – December 2022

Dec 20, 2022
Many banks' training calendars kick off in January and wrap up in December. And while you work hard to ensure employees complete all their training by year end, there may be a few courses that slip through the cracks.

Online Training Newsletter – November 2022

Nov 22, 2022
You may already be thinking about 2023 and your bank’s training plans for employees. If you haven’t, you will be very soon as the end of 2022 is approaching quickly. We encourage you to think about two things when planning your online course enrollments for 2023.


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