Moving Community Banking Forward

Employees need someone to look to, learn from and thrive with. This can be achieved through great leaders. Leaders are coaches with a passion for developing people, have a wide variety of knowledge within their industry, inspire people through a shared vision and create an environment where people feel valued and fulfilled. Leaders want their entire organization to succeed.

There is a leader in each of us, so whether you are an emerging leader within your organization or looking to further develop your current leadership skills, the ICBA’s Community Banker University Leadership Academy is the program for you.

The Leadership Academy is a comprehensive, innovative leadership training curriculum. It provides community bankers with the opportunity to learn leadership skills, technical banking knowledge, and how advocacy impacts change within the banking industry. The Leadership Academy teaches the necessary skills to move the organization forward.

About the Program

The Leadership Academy is an 80-hour program which allows participants to learn at their own pace within a 36-month period.

Participants are required to:

1. Attend and participate in the following live events:

  • One ICBA Capital Summit; and
  • Two LEAD FWD Summit events

2. Complete a series of online coursework focused on regulatory compliance, finance, security and leadership

3. Watch two separate webinar series on Financial Forensics and Leadership & Personal Development

Upon completion of the Leadership Academy curriculum, participants are awarded a Certificate of Completion from ICBA’s Community Banker University.

While the Academy Certificate is tangible evidence of the hard work expended, the knowledge acquired throughout the program is ready for lifelong keeping. Invest in becoming a better leader today by enrolling in the Leadership Academy.