June 2018 - Online Training Newsletter

Jun 28, 2018


ICBA’s Community Banker University is pleased to present six new Bank Secrecy Act courses. The new course content is written specifically for various groups or job functions within the bank:

  • Bank Secrecy Act - Lenders & Loan Operations
  • Bank Secrecy Act - Frontline & Deposit Operations
  • Bank Secrecy Act - BSA & Compliance Officers
  • Bank Secrecy Act - Sr. Management & Directors
  • Bank Secrecy Act - Overview for ALL Personnel
  • Bank Secrecy Act - OFAC Compliance (OFAC is briefly covered in each of the above courses. This course goes into more detail.)

Descriptions, learning objectives and course outlines for each of the courses above can be found in the Online Training Catalog.

New Look & Functionality

Another exciting announcement is the new look and functionality of the courses. The courses have moved from multiple-pages to a single-page format. We hope you enjoy the changes, and if you have any feedback to offer, please let us know.

Watch the video to see what the new courses look like and how to navigate through them. You may want to share this video with your employees.

What’s Next?

Development is underway to update all of the bank security courses. These will be complete later in July. The following courses content will be updated, and the look and format will be in the new version as described in the new BSA courses:

  • Robbery Prevention Techniques for Security Officers, Executives and Managers
  • Robbery Response & Aftermath Techniques
  • Robbery Response Techniques for All Personnel
  • Security: An Orientation
  • Security: Laws, Rules, and Regulation
  • Security: Personnel
  • Security: The Department
  • The Annual Security Program Report
  • Workplace Violence Issues for Security Officers

Updated Courses

Along with the new BSA courses we’ve made some minor content changes to the existing BSA courses:

  • Bank Secrecy Act: Information Sharing
  • Bank Secrecy Act: Red Flags
  • Bank Secrecy Act: Reporting and Recordkeeping

Retiring BSA Courses

With the addition of the new BSA courses, we are retiring some of the existing BSA courses. The following courses will no longer be available to enroll in:

  • Bank Secrecy Act: In Depth
  • Bank Secrecy Act: Overview
  • Bank Secrecy Act: Required Programs
  • Frontline Essentials: BSA Compliance

For learners currently enrolled in these courses, the courses will still be available in their current enrollments tab to complete.

As administrators you may decided if you would like to unenroll employees from any of these courses and enroll them in one of the new courses. This can be done through the administration tab. If you need assistance with this, please refer to the administrators guide or give us a call.

Bank Compliance Bundle Subscribers: The current Bank Secrecy Act: Overview course will be replaced with the new Bank Secrecy Act – Overview for all personnel. The current Frontline Essentials: BSA Compliance course will be replaced with the new Bank Secrecy Act - Frontline & Deposit Operations course. The Bank Compliance Bundle does not contain any of the other new courses. Contact us to upgrade the bundle to the Standard Plan for only an additional $200.

Did You Know?

Current versions of the complete course catalog, recommended course listing based on job function, and administrators guide can be found inside the online training system in the administration tab.

The complete course catalog may provide you with a brief description of the course, the audience/learner the course is intended for, and the length of each course. It may also list the learning objectives and the course outline. The document is great for administrators to learn what a course is about in order to determine if it should be assigned to a particular employee. It is also a great document to give to examiners when they are asking about the contents of the training course.

The Mandatory and Recommended Course Listing is a great document for LMS administrators who need assistance in determining which courses are best suited for the various job functions within the bank. The Mandatory courses available within the system is a grouping of courses that are bundled into one course. This allows the administrator to only have to enroll the learner in one course, which then assigns them the four or five individual courses automatically. The courses within the bundle are those that we suggest to meet the regulation requirements of annual training. The mandatory courses are not required by ICBA as part of subscribing to the online training.

The administrators guide will help you with the various functions of administering the online training system and your employees within the system. It walks you through employee managements, course enrollments, and reporting options.