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January/February 2023 Issue

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Fed Taper Tactics: A review of past QE wind-down strategies

Dec 9, 2021
Maybe the U.S. economy has improved to the point where further quantitative easing isn’t as critical to the Federal Reserve’s policy of “accommodation.” It certainly looks like the Fed has some further work to do.

The Financially Underserved: How Banks are Positioned to Make a Lasting Impact

Dec 9, 2021
For the financially underserved in the United States the widening wealth gap and financial hardships resulting from the pandemic are not just media headlines. They are a reality.

The Definition of a Great Board: 2021 Edition

Dec 9, 2021
The role of a board member of any organization is constantly evolving. Economic cycles, leadership transitions, market dynamics, competitive changes, governance activists, and even political shifts can impact board composition and best practices in corporate governance seemingly out of the blue.

Four ways banks can cater to generational trends

Oct 18, 2021
As earning power among millennials and Generation Z is expected to grow, banks need to develop strategies for drawing customers from these younger cohorts while also continuing to serve their existing customer base.

Podcast features Banking as a Service case study

Oct 18, 2021
In the first episode of Communities of Innovation, an ICBA Podcast, ICBA Chief Innovation Officer Charles Potts sits down with Coastal Community Bank CEO Eric Sprink to discuss how bank leadership can advance a new Banking as a Service model.

Portfolios morph: Investment securities have undergone big changes this year.

Oct 18, 2021
If there’s a constant in the world of a community bank investment manager, it’s disappointment. If you buy a bond today and yields go down tomorrow, you wish you’d have bought more; if yields go up, you wish you had bought none.

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