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January/February 2023 Issue

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New Economic Stresses on Your Credit Analysis

Oct 5, 2022
With the producer price index down, can we say we are past peak inflation? Not really. Getting behind the reason for the decline of the overall PPI indicates inflation will be here for quite some time.

Welcome to the metaverse: The digital future of banking

Oct 5, 2022
We are at the very beginning of exploring the opportunities the metaverse may provide. And while the path forward may be long, financial institutions need to start assessing what those opportunities look like for them.

Price pullback prospects

Oct 3, 2022
Community banking is a cyclical industry, and its earnings have some correlation to market interest rates. Discounts are the story of the day, so let’s review how discount-priced bonds can be used strategically to improve portfolio performance.

Up with Coupons: Larger interest payments can build a floor under your bond prices

Aug 3, 2022
Up with People, which readers of a certain age may remember, was an organization that had a run of popularity in the 1970s and ‘80s by promoting wholesome values and positive thinking. Its delivery channel was through song and dance performances, often in large arenas and stadiums.

Three Ways Community Banks Can Respond to Generational Digital Payments Needs

Aug 3, 2022
When it comes to payments, the generational divide has been shrinking. While Gen Z and Millennials still lead the way in digital payments adoption, Baby Boomers and Seniors (over 76) are increasing their digital payments prowess.

The Rising Importance of Climate Change at Financial Institutions

Aug 3, 2022
Banking organizations have no shortage of economic factors to navigate as geopolitical tensions continue and domestic monetary policy undergoes normalization. But banks also are staring down a new strategic imperative, whether or not it is on their radar—addressing the impact of climate change.

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