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January/February 2023 Issue

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New Benefit Added to Bank Director Program

Jun 1, 2022
New and existing members of ICBA’s Bank Director Program now have access to our popular Bank Director Training video series.

What Can FedEx Teach Us About Succession Planning?

Jun 1, 2022
The Founder, Chairman, and CEO of FedEx Corp, Fred Smith, recently announced that he is planning to step down from the CEO role. We believe the way he chose to do so and some of his comments have bearing on some of the similar succession issues many of our clients face.

The Great Escape: The bond market braces for the Fed’s wind-down of its balance sheet.

Jun 1, 2022
If bond investors (you) were running low on things to worry about for the rest of the year, I’ve got some terrific news: The $9 trillion portfolio owned by our central bank will begin to shrink. Soon. And at a feverish pace, I might add.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell

Jun 1, 2022
We have the privilege of assisting community bankers with training, coaching, and leadership development. As we work through the various stages of our training and educational workshops, the energy in the room frequently shifts when the discussion migrates from customer service to sales.

Rising tide: Bonds to own for a rate hike environment

Apr 1, 2022
Community bankers are nothing if not predictable, and I mean that as a compliment. They are bright, enterprising, have a nose for the risk/reward dynamic and a sense of duty and loyalty to their customers and staff. They’re also deathly afraid of rising interest rates.

Banking in the Metaverse

Apr 1, 2022
According to Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse is the future of life as we know it, where all activities will happen in a virtual reality world. To many community bankers, the idea of banking in the metaverse seems closer to laughable than it does to reality.

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