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March/april 2023 Issue

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The Five Percenters

Apr 3, 2023
The FOMC’s execution of monetary policy according to its dual mandate often results in wild swings in interest rates—and the resultant volatility in bond prices. The historic 2022 (and ongoing) hike in interest rates, while painful for bondholders, has at least produced a yield environment that is worthy of an investment column.

CECL – Post Adoption Considerations

Apr 3, 2023
Over the last 10 years, financial institutions have discussed and debated the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) accounting standard. Many of the larger financial institutions adopted the standard in 2020 with the majority of smaller, community financial institutions adopting on Jan. 1, 2023. With adoption behind us, here are some items to consider during 2023 to position your financial institution for success in your next regulatory exam or external audit.

Lessons Learned from HBO’s Succession

Apr 3, 2023
HBO's hit series Succession offers some powerful lessons on corporate governance malfeasance.

Fixed rate or floating? Hybrid ARMs give an investor both features

Feb 3, 2023
In the last three years, a number of expressions have come into fashion, some of which have been worn out, used out of context and deemed by linguists to be a blight on our vocabulary. I’m sorry to say these may be around for a while. Here are a few.

Myth Busting: Three Truths About FedNow

Feb 3, 2023
Instant payments have arrived. In the five years since the launch of the RTP Network, volumes have steadily increased by more than 10 percent per quarter, and in Q3 2022, the network moved 45 million transactions valued at $19.7 billion.

Ten Things Directors Need to Know About Bank Marketing

Feb 3, 2023
As a board chair who just concluded an annual organizational meeting piggybacked on a regular monthly bank board meeting, you do not have to convince me that banks don’t need to go looking for items to fill their agendas.

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