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November/December 2022 Issue

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A New Approach to Wealth Management Marketing

Dec 12, 2022
Who knew that a line of business which doesn't have mass market appeal and has a sales cycle that's measured in years, would be on a lot of financial institution's marketing plans for 2022?

Fourth quarter rally: Some suggestions on how to wrap up 2022

Dec 12, 2022
The word "rally" can be used for a number of purposes and in different contexts. For instance, it could mean a long-distance auto race over varying surfaces and involving stages and checkpoints.

FedNow and faster digital payments

Dec 12, 2022
We've been working toward a faster payments future for a decade now, and we're finally seeing the fruits of our labor: the launch of FedNow.

New Economic Stresses on Your Credit Analysis

Oct 5, 2022
With the producer price index down, can we say we are past peak inflation? Not really. Getting behind the reason for the decline of the overall PPI indicates inflation will be here for quite some time.

Welcome to the metaverse: The digital future of banking

Oct 5, 2022
We are at the very beginning of exploring the opportunities the metaverse may provide. And while the path forward may be long, financial institutions need to start assessing what those opportunities look like for them.

Price pullback prospects

Oct 3, 2022
Community banking is a cyclical industry, and its earnings have some correlation to market interest rates. Discounts are the story of the day, so let’s review how discount-priced bonds can be used strategically to improve portfolio performance.

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