Mohamad Hamad

Director, Infrastructure, Security, and Support


Mohamad Hamad is the Director, Infrastructure, Security, and Support for the Independent Community Bankers of America. In this role his focus will be to strategically provide and improve technology services and infrastructure operations and help bolster the organization's cybersecurity stance.

Mohamad joins us from Rare Inc., where he was the Senior Manager of IT Operations. He has over 18 years of professional experience managing network infrastructures, security, administration, and technical support. He considers himself a generalist in IT, where he enjoys matching current and upcoming technologies to his organization's needs. He has served in different industries, including law firms, financial, healthcare, association, and nonprofit organizations.

He has been in organizations with over 10,000 employees and as little as 30. His experience in larger organizations has contributed to his extensive knowledge in the Information Technology field and allowed him to adapt and apply best practices gained in the field at any organization he has been a part of.

He currently holds a Master of Science degree in Information Security. During that pursuit, he learned about the latest concepts and strategies in the Information Technology field and is now pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Cybersecurity, where his research is focused on Cybersecurity awareness in the greater Washington, DC area.