Mike DeVoll

Assistant Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Execution

Washington, DC


Mike DeVoll is the assistant vice president of marketing strategy and execution for the Independent Community Bankers of America’s® (ICBA). In this hands-on, strategic position, DeVoll is responsible for creating and managing successful campaigns that align with ICBA’s mission of creating an environment where community banks flourish.

Within ICBA’s marketing department, DeVoll actively leads the marketing efforts for designated internal departments and supports the evolution towards a measurable, data-driven strategy. With a background in electoral politics, DeVoll is responsible for defining and executing advocacy efforts in line with the organization’s goals.

Before joining ICBA, DeVoll served as a senior account and marketing manager at The Campaign Workshop, an award-winning advocacy and political advertising agency specializing in targeted communications and training. As a political consultant, he worked with campaigns helping them define and disseminate their messaging.

DeVoll has a BA in Political Science from the University of Delaware.