Gary Teagno

President and CEO, ICBA Consolidated Holdings President and CEO, ICBA Services Network


Gary Teagno is president and CEO of the ICBA Services Network®, whose mission is to enhance the franchise value of community banks by providing high-quality products and services that aggregate the buying power of community banks nationwide. Through the ICBA Services Network, ICBA community bankers have exclusive access to financial products and services that help them increase their competitiveness, profitability and customer service.

Teagno is recognized across the industry for his expertise in building new ventures that drive community bank innovation and profitability. Teagno joined ICBA in 1983 and has led the ICBA Services Network since its inception in 1988. Under his leadership the Network has expanded to include four service subsidiaries: ICBA Bancard®, ICBA Securities®, ICBA Mortgage® and ICBA Reinsurance®.

Before joining ICBA, Teagno served as a division manager for Jefferson-Pilot Life and was a registered representative for its securities subsidiary. He is the author of “Profiting through Association Marketing,” a book that explains the endorsement value of association product and service programs and how they work.