ICBA to Congress: Credit Unions Haunting Taxpayers

Nov 01, 2019

ICBA spent Halloween taking its “Wake Up” campaign against credit union abuses directly to Capitol Hill. Several ICBA staffers handed out Halloween cards and candy to every congressional office in Washington to encourage lawmakers and staff to open their eyes to credit unions' risky practices, costly tax subsidies, and irresponsibly lax oversight.

Meanwhile, ICBA’s “Wake Up” resource center offers a Halloween-themed graphic that community banks can use on social media to raise awareness of this disturbing problem.

As ICBA’s Aaron Stetter wrote in a new Main Street Matters post, Washington can no longer hit the snooze button and hide from the credit union menace. “Let's continue pressing Congress to enhance credit union oversight and slash the subsidy that continues to haunt taxpayers, including community banks,” he wrote.