Equifax Victim Count Grows by 2.4M

Mar 02, 2018
Equifax said an additional 2.4 million Americans were affected by its massive data breach than previously disclosed, bringing the total number of victims to 147.9 million.

The announcement came after the credit reporting agency recently announced that the breach was worse than originally believed, compromising tax identification numbers and email addresses as well as the sensitive information reported previously.

ICBA recently issued frequently asked questions on its lawsuit against Equifax as community banks continue to file cases against the credit bureau. Citing Equifax’s failure to heed warnings about the security of its U.S. website, these lawsuits seek monetary relief for community banks affected by the breach.

Community banks interested in filing a complaint against Equifax can learn more by visiting ICBA’s Data Breach Information Center or contacting gary@garylynch.com.

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