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From speaking engagements to weekly market recaps we strive to continually understand the market and provide helpful context to anyone who manages money on a large scale. Registration will begin two weeks prior to each webinar via email invitations.

Bond and Balance Sheet Academy

Bond Academy - Spring

Apr 24, 2022
The Bond Academy is designed to provide community bankers with the basic knowledge needed to help plan and create effective investment portfolios. A high performance investment portfolio can provide a noticeable increase to your bank’s bottom line.

Balance Sheet Academy - Fall

Oct 24, 2022
The Balance Sheet Academy advanced seminar is designed to expose seasoned community bank portfolio and balance sheet managers to advanced products and concepts. The objective of this seminar is to enable the attendees to consistently outperform their peers.

Community Banking Matters

Registration will begin two weeks prior to each webinar via email invitations.

Bond Prices in 2022: One-Way Ticket?

Jun 2, 2022 | Webinar
Unrealized market losses are their highest in at least 15 years. As the Fed gets into its QT phase, we'll look at what that might mean for the rest of the year.

Mortgage Market Update and Opportunities

Jun 14, 2022 | Webinar
The fifth segment of the webinar series addresses how the MBS market has adjusted to investor demand in low interest rates.

Municipal Market Update: Investment Strategies and Credit

Sep 13, 2022 | Webinar
The next segment of the webinar series will have analysis of credit metrics and strategies utilized by muni bond market investors.

Planning for Year End, and the New Year

Oct 4, 2022 | Webinar
The final segment of the 2022 series will discuss late-in-year bond portfolio administration and market inefficiencies around year end.

State Association Events

Registration will begin two weeks prior to each webinar via email invitations.

May 18, 2022

Wisconsin Bankers Association - Directors Responsibilities in the Investment Portfolio

The responsibilities of the bank's Board as they relate to the bond portfolio will be reviewed, with examples of how the directors can comply with their duties.

Webinar On Demand

Capital and Liquidity Opportunities for MDI’s (MP4)

Together we analyze the MDI industry’s competitive advantages and collective challenges. We also present suggestions for improvements for capital management and a complimentary, bank-specific study to aid management in evaluating investment opportunities for MDI’s.