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About ICBA Securities

We provide community bankers with quality investment products, services and education at competitive prices.

ICBA Securities Overview

ICBA Securities Corporation (ICBA Securities) a subsidiary of the ICBA (Independent Community Bankers of America) that was founded in 1989 following two years of intensive research by ICBA's Bank Services Committee.

Based on the proposals submitted and lengthy interviews, the Committee selected Vining Sparks to serve as ICBA Securities' exclusively endorsed broker. Following Vining Sparks’ merger with Stifel Financial, ICBA Securities welcomed a new product and service provider in 2022.

As ICBA Securities is owned by the nation’s largest trade association for community banks, it has a commitment to return all of its profits to the industry, in the form of royalties, sponsorships, or dividends. Through 2021, it had reinvested over $49 million back into its supporting state/regional partners or into the ICBA. Six of the seven ICBA Securities board directors are leadership community bankers.

We are also proud be to the endorsed broker-dealer for over 30 community bank state associations.

Education Opportunities Through ICBA Securities

ICBA Securities provides an education platform tailored to the needs of community banks and ICBA Securities representatives attend and speak at most state community banking conferences, conducting an average of 50 educational events per year.

ICBA Securities annually hosts the ICBA Bond Academy, which equips community bank portfolio managers with the skills to maintain a high performing institution, and the ICBA Balance Sheet Academy, which is an intermediate-level program for more experienced financial managers. 

ICBA Securities also endorses and teaches at the Barret Graduate School of Banking in Memphis, Tenn. The President of ICBA Securities, Jim Reber, writes a monthly investment column for ICBA’s Independent Banker magazine.

If you would like to learn more about the organization, please contact ICBA Securities President Jim Reber at 800-422-6442 or jreber@icbasecurities.com

Current Financials

We are happy to provide you with a copy of our most recent audited financial statement. If you would like to learn more, please contact ICBA Securities President Jim Reber at 800-422-6442 or jreber@​icbasecurities.​com

Board of Directors

James L. Reber

ICBA Securities President and CEO

ICBA Securities


Rebeca Romero Rainey

ICBA President & CEO

Washington, DC

Email Twitter

Derek B. Williams

ICBA Chairman-Elect

President & CEO, Century Bank & Trust, Milledgeville, GA

R. Scott Heitkamp

ICBA Past Chairman

President & CEO, ValueBank Texas, Corpus Christi, TX


Terry J. Jorde

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff

Washington, DC

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Kevin Tweddle

Senior Executive Vice President Community Bank Solutions, ICBA Services Network

Washington, DC

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Jerry Walker

Jerry Walker

President & CEO

Independent Community Bankers Association of New Mexico


Lucas White

ICBA Vice Chairman

President, The Fountain Trust Company, Covington, IN

Brenda Foster

Brenda Foster

Chairman, President and CEO

First Western Bank and Trust in Minot, ND