Minority Banks

Minority Bank Advisory Council

Leading from the Front

The purpose of ICBA’s Minority Bank Advisory Council (the Council) is to help shape ICBA advocacy and education solutions that benefit minority banks and the communities they serve.

ICBA Council Together Crop

The Minority Bank Advisory Council was established in 2010 and is made up of a diverse group of bankers from across the country. The Council provides a forum for these volunteer bankers to discuss and review issues effecting minority banks.

The Council works closely with ICBA on a myriad of issues by providing the unique minority bank perspective. They advocate for targeted and flexible regulatory relief and help drive the formation of ICBA’s legislative policy by provide detailed context on how proposed legislation will impact their customers.

The Council also maintains ongoing relationships with bank regulators, members of Congress and serves as a central resource of information. Their experience, expertise, and knowledge is essential to helping underserved communities.


James H. Sills, III

Mechanics and Farmers Bank

Durham, NC

Vice Chairman

Carlos Naudon

Ponce Bank (MHC)

Bronx, NY

Council Members

Barry L. Anderson

F&M Bank

Guthrie, OK

Terence Hosten

Industrial Bank

Washington, DC

Todd O. McDonald

Liberty Bank and Trust Company

New Orleans, LA

James Wang

Asian Bank

Philadelphia, PA

Jill Sung

ICBA At-Large Director


Bo Hughes

Canyon Community Bank, Tucson, AZ

Josh Pape

Oklahoma City Market

Chickasaw Community Bank, Oklahoma City, OK

Peter Gwaltney

SRP Executive, President

NC Bankers Association

Executive Committee Liaison

ICBA Staff Liaison

Kianga Lee

Vice President, Administrative Operations

Washington, DC


Rhonda Thomas-Whitley

Vice President, Regulatory Counsel