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January 2018 - Online Training Newsletter

Jan 30, 2018
As the calendar has now flipped to January, we know your bank has the large task of assigning employees annual training and ensuring your bank’s training program is robust, engaging, and comprehensive. It is a major task for banks and we hope you will take advantage of the 300-plus courses that ICBA has to offer in its online training library.

October 2017 - Online Training Newsletter

Oct 30, 2017
Thank you for subscribing to ICBA’s Community Banker University Online Training Center. We hope that you find the training informative and beneficial for your community bank. Online training is one of the easiest ways for community banks to educate their staff on required regulations, job functions and a multitude of other areas such as personal development, management and customer service.

September 2017 - Online Training Newsletter

Sep 27, 2017
ICBA’s Community Banker University is excited to tell you about a change you will see when you log into your online training beginning on Monday, Oct. 2.
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