January 2019 - Online Training Newsletter

Download Your 2018 Activity Report

Does your bank run its training program by the calendar year? If so, we suggest you pull an activity report for all employees to ensure that they have completed their required training for 2018. You’ll want to keep the year’s report on file for easy access when the examiners require training records. 

Remember, the activity report pulls information by the date the employee was enrolled in the course, not the completion date or the calendar year. So, if you assigned training to employees in December 2017 for the 2018 calendar year, you will want to pull your activity report with a start date of 2017-12-01 and an end date of 2018-12-31. You can export your activity report into Excel, which allows you to sort it according to your preference (e.g. by employee, by course or by date of enrollment).  

If you have any questions about reporting, please contact a Community Banker University team member at 800-422-7285 or [email protected]

What’s New 

Effective Jan. 1, 2019, California employers with five or more employees must now provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees. Previously, only employers with 50 or more employees had to provide harassment prevention training to supervisors only. Now with SB 1343, employers with five or more employees must train all employees: supervisors must receive a minimum of two hours of prescribed training and employees are required to receive one hour of training.  

Community Banker University is pleased to provide two new Harassment Courses specifically for banks in California that need to comply with the law. The courses are available to banks that have an online training plan with access to the full catalog of courses and can be found in the California Specific Courses Catalog. The courses are titled:  

  • Employees [California] – Preventing Harassment and Illegal Discrimination (SB1343Compliant)Supervisors [California] – Harassment Prevention for Supervisors (AB1825) 

  • Supervisors [California] – Harassment Prevention for Supervisors (AB1825) 

Similarly, in October 2018, New York also passed laws requiring harassment training for all employers with a required completion date of Jan. 1, 2019. If your bank is in New York and you have not yet completed your training, enroll in the course “Preventing Sexual Harassment and Illegal Discrimination in New York” found in the Human Resources Catalog. 

What’s Coming 

Effective April 1, 2019, the new Regulation E and Regulation Z Prepaid Card Rules are effective. We will be updating the appropriate courses to ensure the new rules are included. We will update you with the specifics in the February Online Training Newsletter. 

Also, Community Banker University is excited to announce that within the next four to six weeks we will be launching some new updates to the ICBA website which will allow LMS Administrators to more easily set up new employees, manage existing employees, and reset passwords on your own. There will be more to come on this so please watch for an email from us with a new Administrators Guide detailing the changes. 

Did You Know? 

ICBA’s Community Banker University partners with Vubiz, Ltd. to develop and offer the online training system. In 2018, our online training partner, Vubiz, was awarded an Excellence in Elearning Compliance from Elearning! Media Group. This is the seventh straight year Vubiz has been recognized as a top content provider. Congratulations to Vubiz on their top industry honor!