Faster Payments


ICBA strongly urges the Federal Reserve to assist in achieving ubiquitous, nationwide access to safe and efficient faster payments for all financial institutions, and most importantly, their customers by serving three roles:

  • operator of a real-time gross settlement service,
  • operator of liquidity management tools,
  • operator of a payments directory switch or hub linking financial institutions to other payments directories.

ICBA supports the Federal Reserve System in its dual role as payment systems regulator and provider/operator of services and urges the Reserve Banks to support the development and evolution of payment systems with new operational roles.

ICBA supports rules and standards organizations and the role they play in developing and maintaining payment systems’ access and functionalities. ICBA urges these organizations to have governance processes which enable and foster community bank participation and support transparent, timely and inclusive rulemaking.

Articles & Press Releases

Title Publication Date
Powell Shortens Timeframe on FedNow Launch NewsWatch Today Article 11/18/19
ICBA to Fed: Move Quickly on Real-Time Payments System Press Release, News 11/12/19
ICBA Community Banker: FedNow System Needed NewsWatch Today Article 10/24/19
Payments Brief Focuses on Influencing Faster Payments NewsWatch Today Article 10/24/19
ICBA Again Testifies in Support of FedNow Decision NewsWatch Today Article 09/27/19
ICBA Backs Real-Time Payments Decision in Testimony NewsWatch Today Article 09/26/19
ICBA Testifies on Support for Fed Real-Time Payments Decision Press Release 09/25/19
ICBA Develops Series on Charting a Digital Payments Path Press Release, News 09/09/19
Fed Announces Real-Time Payments Service NewsWatch Today Article 08/06/19
Main Street Victory: ICBA Applauds Fed on Real-Time Payments Decision Press Release, News 08/05/19

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