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ICBA and its member community bankers develop and provide Congress and regulators key policy positions on important issues affecting the farm and rural economy. Specifically, rural community bankers continually stress the need to: rein in the Farm Credit System and eliminate its tax advantages; maintain a robust crop insurance program; ensure a viable farm bill that meets the needs of rural lenders, their borrowers and rural communities; and ensure USDA loan programs are designed to be user friendly and meet the needs of farmers and ranchers and small businesses and rural communities.

Ag Economy & Research Materials

Articles & Press Releases

Title Publication Date
ICBA Testifies on Supporting Ag Credit NewsWatch Today Article 12/12/19
ICBA to Congress: Level Farm Credit Playing Field Member Access Article 11/20/19
ICBA Opposes Farm Credit Plan to Undermine Farmer Mac NewsWatch Today Article 11/19/19
ICBA Opposes Farm Credit ‘Investment’ Ploy NewsWatch Today Article 11/15/19
USDA Posts Hemp Production Webinar Member Access Article 11/06/19
House Ag Panel Advances CFTC Reauthorization NewsWatch Today Article 11/01/19
USDA Establishes Hemp Production Program NewsWatch Today Article 10/29/19
FCA Issues Oversight Plan for Fiscal 2020 NewsWatch Today Article 10/25/19
Final Hemp Regulations Expected Soon NewsWatch Today Article 10/25/19
Enrollment Open for Key USDA Farm Bill Programs NewsWatch Today Article 10/15/19
Tell Congress: Help Community Banks Serve Military, Rural Communities NewsWatch Today Article 09/27/19
Trade Deal Cuts Japanese Tariffs on U.S. Farm Goods NewsWatch Today Article 09/26/19
Farm Credit Proposes Investment Change NewsWatch Today Article 09/19/19
USDA Resources for Farmers Hit by Disasters NewsWatch Today Article 09/09/19
USDA Details Calculations of Trade Damages NewsWatch Today Article 08/26/19
Congress Adopts Chapter 12 Expansion NewsWatch Today Article 08/05/19
Agencies Testify on Hemp Rulemaking NewsWatch Today Article 07/26/19
Op-Ed: Community Banks Standing Up for Rural America NewsWatch Today Article 07/22/19
Tell Congress to Support Tax Relief for Rural Lending NewsWatch Today Article 06/25/19
ICBA Proposes Alternatives to a Livestock Dealer Trust NewsWatch Today Article 06/25/19

Letters to Congress

Title Recipient Date
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Conference Committee
House and Senate Agricultural Appropriations and Agriculture Committee Chairs and Ranking Members
Representatives Frelinghuysen and Lowey
Senators Cochran and Leahy and Representatives Frelinghuysen and Lowey
Sens. Cochran and Leahy and Reps. Frelinghuysen and Lowey
Senators Roberts and Stabenow
Senators Moran and Merkley and Representatives Aderholt and Farr
Representative Jenkins
Senators Moran and Merkley, Representatives Aderholt and Farr
Senators Hoeven and Klobuchar
Senators Moran and Merkley; Representatives Aderholt and Farr
Senator Roberts
Senator Roberts

Letters to Regulators

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