Credit Union

Letters and Testimonies

Letters to Congress

Title Recipient Date
House 06/14/22
House Rules Committee 06/09/22
Senate, House leaders 06/07/22
House Financial Services Committee 05/13/22
Committee on Ways and Means, Committee on Finance 02/28/22
House Financial Services, Senate Banking Committees 11/17/21
House Financial Services Committee 09/13/21
Committee on Finance 03/23/21
Committee on Banking, Housing 03/04/21
Senate Banking Committee 09/17/20
Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs 05/11/20
116th Congress 04/20/20
Ways and Means Committee 01/29/20
Financial Services Committee 01/29/20
Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs 01/29/20
Senate and House Armed Services Committees 08/28/19