ICBA Bancard, ICBA’s payments subsidiary, unveiled its new brand—ICBA Payments. The name change reflects its expanded offerings beyond card services and a broader focus on the larger payments landscape.

TCM Bank: ICBA Payments’ subsidiary and credit card bank, TCM Bank, N. A., is also part of the rebranding. TCM Bank launched a new logo, which aligns with the bank’s continued investments and improvements in technology to support its agent banks.

Expanding Portfolio: In a new Main Street Matters blog post, ICBA Payments President and CEO Tina Giorgio said the change recognizes that cards are only one component of any payments portfolio, with upcoming announcements on new opportunities in the works.

More: The ICBA Payments and TCM Bank rebrand follow this month’s ICBA rebrand, which included the rebranding of Community Banker University to ICBA Education. More information on the rebrand—including the new brand elements and a brand video—is available on the ICBA website.