Beyond Cards: ICBA Payments Launches to Help Community Banks Meet Their “Why”

Nov. 14, 2023

“People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

That quote from bestselling author Simon Sinek has always resonated, because it resonates with community banking. Community bankers are committed to powering the potential of local communities. This means that it’s not as much about the financial products offered, but more about how they can be leveraged to positively impact the lives of the customers they serve—all which ladders up to a more vibrant local community. Therein lies our “why.”

ICBA Bancard has spent a lot of time diving into our own “why,” exploring what the future holds, and how we provide the most value to our member banks. Our mission has evolved from solely supporting the card-based needs of community banks to addressing a broader payments landscape. As payments has evolved, so has ICBA Bancard, and with that came the opportunity to rebrand who we are in light of our why.

Introducing ICBA Payments

I’m proud to introduce ICBA Payments.

Just as ICBA rebranded, ICBA Bancard is rebranding and aligning our name with our work, in a way that recognizes the differentiation, evolution and enduring strength of community banks. For years, we have been supporting the broad payments needs of community banks—from payments strategy to its implementation, risk management, and ongoing support. We know that in today’s dynamic marketplace, cards are only one component of an overall payments portfolio, and we are here to help our banks with a broad range of payments challenges and opportunities.

ICBA Payments is about more than a name; it’s about our future. Specifically, we are reiterating our commitment to:

  • Ensuring we deliver payments solutions exclusively for community banks in ways that support their customers and communities.

  • Helping community bankers understand, navigate, and capitalize on the payments landscape to strengthen the foundation of the community banking industry.

  • Leaning into ICBA’s strengths and expertise to develop payments services and insights that support community banks.

The Journey Ahead

We have several new opportunities in the works as we evaluate ways we can partner to bring new and innovative payments offerings to ICBA members.

As you consider your individual payments path, I’ll leave you with one parting thought: We must remember the past, live in the present, and embrace the future. We need to commemorate our accomplishments, while powering forward to stay ahead of the next big opportunity on our paths.

In doing so, we fulfill our purpose, our raison d'être, and help community banks and the customers and communities they serve prosper. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements that will introduce innovative solutions and join us on our journey as we power the potential of community banks to lead the next wave in payments.