Nomination Instructions

Step 1. Complete Nomination Form

Relevant information that you provide on your form will be condensed into paragraph form on the election ballots to assist members when voting. Preview the nomination form and gather your background information. (Be sure to use the Complete Nominating Form link below or in the sidebar to submit your form.)

Step 2. Submit Candidate Endorsements

After completing and submitting the nominating form you will receive a confirmation email with a link that you will need to forward to three Executive Officers at separate ICBA Active Member Banks asking them to support your candidacy. Ask the bankers to complete the brief electronic form confirming support of your candidacy and to send it back to ICBA.

For a list of all ICBA active members in your state or district, refer to the nominating petition letter emailed to you on Sept. 1 or contact Kianga Lee at [email protected].

For nominees to become candidates and placed on the election ballot, the nominating petition form and three banker endorsements must be submitted by Sept. 21.

Step 3. Submit a Headshot

Once we have received emails from your three sponsors, we will send you confirmation that your name will appear on the Federal Delegate Board election ballot and request that you submit a recent head shot to Kianga Lee at [email protected].

Complete Nominating Form


Election Period

Election ballots are sent on Oct. 1 to all member banks in your state or district and votes must be received by ICBA on or before Oct. 15.

Direct any questions that you may have regarding the Federal Delegate Board to Kianga Lee at [email protected].