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Community Banker University offers the following Certificate Programs:

Auditing Certificate Program

The Auditing Certificate Program equips individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully conduct and perform the internal audit function in your bank. The certificate program consists of four critical learning areas. Each learning area includes a comprehensive exam. Upon successful completion of all four learning areas, the learner is awarded a certificate.

The Auditing Certificate is for individual learners only and not available for bank-wide use. Purchasing an Individual Certificate Program grants access to the person who has logged into the ICBA website to purchase. It cannot be transferred to another user.

Total Courses: 35      Total CPE: 50

Enroll in this Course

$999 / ICBA Members
$2,499 / Non-Members

Area 1: Introduction to Community Bank Auditing

  • Core Course:  Auditing: The Basics (7271EN)
  • Introduction to Financial Statements (0411EN)\
  • Presentation Skills (2692EN)
  • Basics of Budgeting (4662EN)
  • The Evolving Role of the Finance Function (7046EN)
  • Core Course:  Internal Auditing Working Papers (7273EN)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act Primer (5588EN)
  • Introduction to Risk Management (0960EN)
  • Business Writing: Reports and Proposals (2572EN)

CPE Credits: 16

Area 2: Operating and Compliance Auditing

  • Core Course:  Regulatory Accounting and Operational Auditing (7272EN)
  • Compliance Primer (4567EN)
  • Regulatory Examination Preparation (7177EN)
  • Report Organization and Presentation (2498EN)
  • Quality Management Refresher (2551EN)
  • Core Course:  Understanding Fraud for Internal Auditors (5534EN)
  • Consumer Lending Fraud (6288EN)
  • Business Writing: Preparation (2573EN)
  • Red Flags Overview  (7174EN)
  • Fraud Awareness and Detection (5537EN)

CPE Credits:13

Area 3: Auditing Assets and Liabilities

  • Core Course:  Auditing Assets (7277EN)
  • Truth in Lending Act: Regulation Z (4570EN)
  • Communicating Proactively (2579EN)
  • Appraisal Standards (4723EN)
  • Mortgage Fraud (4568EN)
  • Core Course:  Auditing Liabilities and Other Activities (6291EN)
  • Regulation E: The Electronic Funds Transfer Act (4720EN)
  • Business Writing: Being Effective (2574EN)
  • Deposits 101 (4561EN) 

CPE Credits: 13

Area 4: Bank Information Systems

  • Core Course:  Bank Information System Auditing (7274EN)
  • IT Security for Banks (5528EN)
  • IT Security Primer (5529EN)
  • Communicating Persuasively (2499EN)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Primer on Privacy (4285EN)
  • Cloud Computing: An Introduction (6544EN)
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning (4294EN)

CPE Credits: 8