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Robbery Awareness 2022 (MP4)


It can’t happen here, it won’t happen here, it just happened here! Robbery preparation is more than annual security training. While staff is trained on what to do, you also need to know how to prepare in advance. Criminals select your financial institution as a target for a variety of reasons.

Preparation, Risk, and Critical Robbery: Preparation is Protection

While most people feel that location is the issue that is seldom the case. In this eye‚Äźopening program you will learn what makes your office a target, the warning signs you’re being cased for robbery, and what you need to do immediately after a robbery event.

Many institutions still follow outdated procedures, opening themselves up for lawsuits from staff and the public. This program will discuss advance preparation, the actual robbery event, and what the financial institution needs to support staff after the robbery.

Recorded September 22, 2022. Instructed by Barry Thompson.

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