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Community Bank Financial Forensics Series (5) (MP4)



As a community bank leader, you must understand the bank and its infrastructure from many perspectives. This requirement pushes a leader to think creatively outside his or her primary area of expertise and learn principles needed for greater community bank success. In this digital webinar series, new and current community bank leaders will take a comprehensive look at the key technical banking considerations all leaders must understand to improve function and achieve superior results at the bank.

By listening to each webinar, community bank leaders will gain an understanding of the vital questions necessary to ask as a community bank leader. This knowledge will allow for greater relationships, management, and leadership across multiple community bank business lines.

A total of five digital webinars comprise this webinar series.

We hope you’re ready to dive into this community bank forensic experience head first!

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Vendor Management -- Peeling Back the Layers

As community banks look to outsource more and more services, the importance of proper vendor management continues to be top of mind for community bankers. This digital webinar will peel back the layers of an impactful community bank vendor management program, providing community bankers with useful tips for developing and enhancing your current program.

Presenter: Sherry Jessen

The New World of Cyber

This digital webinar will focus on the cyber policy, procedure, and strategic application necessary for community bank leaders. Instructors will discuss the key leadership skills needed to lead the bank’s fight against hackers, cyber criminals and more. Community bank leaders will gain practical knowledge that can be immediately applied at their institutions related to: Protection of the bank’s digital infrastructure, System vulnerabilities and risk mitigation action, avoiding a disruption in customer products and services, Necessary controls in place to effectively deploy and monitor a cyber plan, and Maintenance and protection of critical data.

Presenter: John Moeller

How Banks Make Money

Too often, we get engrossed in our day-to-day responsibilities, forgetting to take a step back and look at the big picture. This digital webinar is designed to take a “big picture” approach to community banking, discussing a variety of topics explaining how community banks make money.

Presenter: Neil Falken and Josh Juergensen

10 Keys to Effective Community Bank Compliance

Compliance management in today’s regulatory battlefield can be the difference between moderate improvement and winning success at a community bank. Every community bank leader, regardless of primary responsibilities, must be keenly aware of these ten keys to effective compliance management. This digital webinar will supercharge your leadership skills and provide you modern techniques to ensure your bank’s compliance management function is proactively positioned. Takeaways discussed will give attendees the tools to take on both regulatory scrutiny and customer demands.

Presenter: John Zasada

Audit Strategies -- Bringing your Audit Function Into the 21st Century

This digital webinar will reveal how you can leverage audit strategies to catapult your community bank into greater success. Learn how to learn how to analyze call report data beyond standard reports, how to utilize data analytics to improve your audit function, and be able to identify areas in which the use of data analytics can be effective.

Presenter: David Heneke

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