Webinar On Demand

CRA for National Banks - The Modern New World


Recorded June 9, 2020.

On May 20th, the OCC issued a final rule overhauling the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) for national banks. After several years of research and dialogue with banks, the OCC stepped out in front of the other banking agencies to finalize a new regulatory framework for CRA. 

ICBA is pleased to welcome experts from the OCC, including Acting Comptroller Brian Brooks, as they highlight the new compliance requirements. The webinar will address what now qualifies for CRA consideration, the new definition of assessment area, the objective metrics that will now govern banks’ CRA activities, and the more transparent framework of compliance that is created by this final rule.

ICBA Welcomes OCC Speakers:

  • Brian Brooks, Acting Comptroller of the Currency
  • Grovetta Gardineer, Senior Deputy Comptroller for Bank Supervision Policy
  • Bao Nguyen, Principal Deputy Chief Counsel
  • Ralph DeLeon, Director for Banking Relations