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ICBA is dedicated exclusively to representing the interests of the community banking industry and its membership through effective advocacy, best-in-class education, and high-quality products and services.

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Now, more than ever, who represents your bank matters.

With the collective strength of thousands of member community banks nationwide, ICBA has been able to support community banks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

  • We successfully secured dedicated Paycheck Protection Program Funds for community banks under $50 Billion in assets.
  • We helped community bankers stay up to date on breaking banking news and guidance through our newsletters, timely webinars and ongoing support.
  • We continue to engage Congress, regulators, and the White House—helping community banks be represented and heard.

Unique Governance

We exist for community banks and are governed by community banks. Our board, committees and CEO have always been and continue to be community bankers. This ensures community bank needs are met.

One Mission

To Create and Promote an Environment Where Community Banks Flourish.


ICBA engages members of Congress and federal regulators to help them understand our industry and concerns through our Community Focus 2020 plan and continuous push for pro-community bank policies.


ICBA Education helps your bank’s staff members maintain the highest professional standards in banking through a vast curriculum of dynamic educational offerings.


The ICBA Services Network’s mission is to enhance the franchise value of community banks by providing high-quality products, best-in-class pricing, educational tools and training.

A Legacy of Strength

Did you know?

  • We were established by community bankers in 1930.
  • ICBA has thousands of members across the country and represent community banks of all sizes and types.
  • Our membership renewal rate is 98%
  • We work closely with a network of state associations
  • We have been representing community banks for 90 years.

The Bottom Line Benefits

As a new member, your bank will gain access to a wide array of valuable benefits through effective advocacy, best-in-class education, and innovative. Join now and receive immediate returns on your membership investment.



ICBA Educations is a modernized educational platform that provides community bankers with premier and industry-specific professional development and educational opportunities for all stages of their careers. Your ICBA Education benefits as a NEW ICBA member include:


One $650 coupon applied to one education product or seminar $650 value.


Up to one-year subscription to 425+ online courses $649 value.


Full access to ICBA’s Compliance Vault $599 value.


Up to one year complimentary Bank Director Program subscription $795 value.


One-year complimentary Unlimited Webinar Pass subscription $1,595 value.


As a NEW ICBA member, discounts for webinars, live events and specialized training events become available for individuals and banks.


One complimentary banker and one free guest* registration for ICBA LIVE $2,225 value.


One complimentary LEAD FWD Summit registration $795 value.


One complimentary ICBA Securities/Vining Sparks Bond Academy registration $695 value.



Help tell your bank's story with this package of innovative tools, networking opportunities and strategies that will help keep you ahead of the curve..


Complimentary Marketing and Communications Toolkit—a proven resource to help your bank craft its message and leverage digital and traditional channels.


Complimentary Social Media Monitoring tool $2,000 value.


Access to the ICBA ThinkTECH Network to help your bank cultivate the high-tech edge you’ll need to compete $750 value.