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Insuring Peace of Mind

Sep 01, 2016
Audrey Wright-Cipriano

Rob Flockvich, senior vice president of retail administration for Clear Mountain Bank, can’t recall with certainty when the bank first launched its highly anticipated annual spring loan special. “Probably at least twenty years ago,” he muses.

Headquartered in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, just below the Pennsylvania state line, Flockvich says consumer lending activity at Clear Mountain Bank’s 12 branch locations tends to decline during the winter months. People focus on paying down their Christmas debt and outdoor home improvement projects come to a halt due to the cold temperatures, which are inhospitable for anything other than winter sports.

But when the snow begins to recede, customers start to think about plans for new decks and patios, recreational vehicles, summer road trips, and how they can take advantage of Clear Mountain Bank’s annual spring loan special.

Vice President of Marketing Clint McCabe heads up public relations, advertising, marketing and community relations for the bank and says that ensuring customers have the types of products and services they want and need is priority number one. “Each year our customers look forward to our month-long lending special and each year we’re proud that we can meet their needs.”

Flockvich agrees, “The loan special is more than an opportunity to grow our portfolio. It’s an opportunity to help our customers. We don’t just offer one type of discounted product. We look at the customer’s complete financial picture and try to figure out how we can help, sometimes even restructuring and consolidating existing loans. Obviously we want to grow our loan portfolio, but we also want to grow for the right reasons.” 

The 30-day event typically brings in more than $5 million in installment loans and 33 percent of the bank’s annual credit insurance premium. To prepare for the popular occasion, Clear Mountain Bank makes sure its associates are well versed and comfortable discussing all of its product and service offerings, including payment protection (credit and disability insurance).

One way it has historically achieved this is by bringing in a trainer from one of ICBA Reinsurance’s credit insurance providers to go over payment protection product features and benefits with staff. Flockvich says that Clear Mountain Bank doesn’t have a pushy sales culture. Rather the bank trains its associates to assess each customer’s needs and recommend products and services that could be beneficial.

According to Flockvich, the bank’s customers tend to view credit life and disability insurance products favorably.  “Our customers believe in living up to their financial obligations. Payment protection provides peace of mind.”

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