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State and Regional Partner Associations Affiliated With ICBA


  • ICBA works closely with a network of 44 affiliated state associations to promote the ICBA mission on behalf of our members and the entire community banking industry. A strong and vibrant network of state banking associations enhances ICBA’s advocacy effectiveness before Congress and regulatory agencies in support of our membership.


ICBA continues its work, together with 44 affiliated state banking associations that represent community banks throughout the country, to advance the ICBA mission through partnership with affiliated state associations.

This approach allows ICBA to reach the broadest community bank audience possible, as the collective number of banks represented by ICBA and/or their respective affiliates have more than 50,000 locations nationwide and hold more than $5 trillion in assets.

Affiliated state associations that endorse and support ICBA services and subsidiaries receive non-dues revenue benefits from ICBA and ICBA Services Network®. Since its inception in 1982, the ICBA non-dues revenue sharing program has provided over $41 million to participating partner associations.

ICBA faithfully and continually strives to enhance the value of the ICBA-state association affiliation. ICBA state relations, together with ICBA leadership bankers and staff, supports and encourages state association efforts to advance the ICBA Mission and provide high value programs and services to community bankers. These include:

  • Conference calls, outreach events, staff briefings at state association visits to DC, and access to staff expertise.

  • Presentations at state conventions, conferences and educational seminars designed to inform, educate and inspire community bankers in their states.

  • Articles for monthly magazines and newsletters to help state associations keep their members updated on advocacy issues and efforts to address their concerns.

  • Customizable press releases and media support to help state associations better promote their message and mission.

  • Professionally facilitated strategic planning services that help state independent community bank associations develop, design, and project for the future and thereby stay vibrant and strong.

  • Responding to individual state association requests in a prompt, succinct and mutually beneficial fashion that honors our commitment to our affiliation partnership.

With diligence, ICBA continues to ensure that our network of affiliated state association partners remains strong and vibrant in support of the community banking industry and the ICBA Mission.

Staff Contact

Joe Schneider

Senior Vice President, State Relations

Washington, DC