Letters and Testimonies

Letters to Congress

Title Recipient Date
Senate Agriculture, Banking Committees 06/23/22
House Agriculture, Financial Services Committees 06/23/22
House, Senate Budget Committees 01/27/22
House, Senate Appropriations Committees 01/27/22
Committee on Agriculture 06/14/21
U.S. House of Representatives 03/25/21
Senate Agriculture Committee 02/26/21
House Rules Committee 02/25/21
House, Senate Budget Committees 02/24/21
House, Senate Appropriations Committees 02/24/21

Letters to Regulators

Title Recipient Date
CFPB 09/29/22
Farm Credit Administration 09/27/22
Farm Credit Administration 08/15/22
USDA 07/12/22
CFPB 04/18/22
USDA, OMB 01/27/22
Farm Credit Administration 11/30/21
Farm Credit Administration 07/20/21
USDA 04/09/21
OMB 03/18/21


Title Committee Presenter Date
House Agriculture Committee Steven J. Handke 12/11/19
House Agriculture Subcommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy and Credit Written Statement 11/19/19