Marketing in the round: Using a 360-degree marketing strategy to reach today’s prospects

In the pre-digital age of marketing, connecting with potential new customers was relatively simple. Everyone watched the same TV channels, listened to the same radio stations, and read the same local newspapers.

Today, thousands of websites, web ads, text messages, emails, social media posts and videos jostle to provide information and entertainment. Thanks to convenient mobile technology, this digital cornucopia is available to people just about anywhere, anytime. As a local or regional financial marketer, how will you get your messages through?

It begins with a 360-degree marketing strategy – a comprehensive plan designed to reach target audiences from awareness through retention, via multiple platforms and channels. This plan needs to include digital media, for many important reasons:

1. Increased reach. In contrast with the shrinking coverage of most traditional media, more than 95 percent of American adults aged 18-49 own a smartphone and tend to check it regularly, according to a 2021Pew Research study. So each time they view your message in their inbox or social media feed, you’ve created a new opportunity to influence their opinions and decisions.

2. Immediacy. Through digital media, you can provide information to prospects and customers right when they’re predisposed to act. Once your well-designed website supplies the answers they’re looking for, they don’t need to put off a decision.

3. Closing more sales. While traditional media can generate awareness and interest, it can’t close the sale, which increasingly happens online. According to, four out of five potential customers now begin their decision-making with internet research. After considering their choices, they can often take immediate action via an online application or a shopping cart.