As Capital Summit kicks off, polling confirms public support for local banking

ICBA kicked off the 2022 ICBA Capital Summit in Washington with new national and state-level polling data showing Americans in all 50 states view community banking favorably.

Polling Data: Available on ICBA’s new “Public Opinion of Community Banks” dashboard, the ICBA polling conducted by Morning Consult found:

  • More than three in four U.S. adults say locally based lending decisions are important when determining where to bank.

  • 69% of U.S. adults cited the importance of banking with a locally based financial institution.

  • 70% cited the importance of personal banking relationships.

  • 89% said it is important that their institution is part of the regulated banking system

  • 61% said it is important that their financial institution does not receive taxpayer subsidies—raising questions about public support for credit unions’ tax and regulatory exemptions.

Grassroots Push: As Capital Summit attendees meet with policymakers in Washington, ICBA is calling on community bankers nationwide to send in grassroots messages to their members of Congress on key legislative priorities.

Custom Message: Available on ICBA’s Be Heard grassroots action center, the message covers issues including SBA direct lending, the ECORA Act, industrial loan companies, credit unions and the Farm Credit System, and cannabis banking.