The U.K. community banker who inspired the Netflix hit “Bank of Dave” pledged to work with ICBA and U.S. community banks in support of proportional regulation.

Proportional Regulation: Dave Fishwick told community bankers gathered at the 2024 ICBA Capital Summit that regulations need to proportionally fit the size of supervised organizations. “The world needs community banks run by the community to benefit the community,” said Fishwick.

Background: Fishwick—who ICBA President and CEO Rebeca Romero Rainey presented with an honorary ICBA membership—launched a community bank in his hometown of Burnley to meet the needs of consumers ill-served by the largest institutions. He said the lack of community support by the largest banks and the limited impact of tax-exempt credit unions drove his desire to launch a community bank.

Representing Community Banks: Fishwick said he will continue working to be an ambassador for community banking, particularly among young people. “When you’re doing the right thing—helping your community—you’re unstoppable,” he said. “The ICBA is on your side. They’ve got your back.”

Grassroots Push: With community bankers meeting with policymakers in Washington this week, ICBA is calling on community bankers across the nation to send messages to their lawmakers on key advocacy issues regardless of whether they are attending the Capital Summit in person.