Washington, D.C. (April 29, 2024) — The Independent Community Bankers of America issued the following statement.

"While a recent unfortunate headline took comments out of context, we have considered the subsequent feedback and circumstances.

“ICBA Securities’ partner, Stifel, reiterated its support for preserving our nation’s diverse and decentralized banking system with the below statement from Brant McDuffie, Stifel’s Co-Head of Fixed Income Capital Markets.

“‘Stifel is dedicated to serving community bank clients and offers a full set of products and services tailored to our common mission to serve community banks. Stifel’s historical, current, and ongoing commitment to community banks underpins ICBA Securities’ endorsement. As a firm, we serve a wide range of depository clients throughout their life cycle to ensure they are sustainable and scalable. A robust, diverse and healthy banking system is paramount to ensure small businesses and communities across the U.S. thrive. Our belief and confidence in community banking is a central element in meeting our mission.’

“Stifel is the exclusively endorsed broker-dealer of ICBA Securities.”

About ICBA

The Independent Community Bankers of America® has one mission: to create and promote an environment where community banks flourish. We power the potential of the nation’s community banks through effective advocacy, education, and innovation.

As local and trusted sources of credit, America’s community banks leverage their relationship-based business model and innovative offerings to channel deposits into the neighborhoods they serve, creating jobs, fostering economic prosperity, and fueling their customers’ financial goals and dreams. For more information, visit ICBA’s website at icba.org.